Green and Low-Carbon Economy has Successfully become the Media Partner of the World Recycling Convention (Recycling Week 2023)

Publishing date:2022-11-18 Author:Dawn Luo

World Recycling Convention is the must-attend event for recycling companies, critical raw material suppliers, electronics manufacturers and suppliers, ITAD companies, and the entire electronic waste recycling supply chain to come together to discover the latest innovations and solutions to create a circular economy and help create sustainable supply chains for the future. Covering everything from collection and take-back strategies, circular electronics, raw materials, design for recycling, sorting solutions, urban mining, IT asset disposition, and recycling of industrial, commercial, and post-consumer electronics. World Recycling Convention is the largest recycling and waste management conference and exhibition. It will focus on solid waste, industrial waste and alternative energy With participation from various stakeholders including decision-makers, industry experts, innovators, private sector, investors and academia, Recycling week will provide impetus to sustainability initiatives in Dubai and other regional countries. World Recycling Convention will be a venue for knowledge-sharing, brainstorming, solutions delivery, technology transfer, peer networking and capacity building in the solid waste management, industrial waste management, industrial wastewater treatment and renewable energy sectors.

World Recycling Convention will showcase the latest technology and machineries used in manufacturing of plastics and petrochemicals with participation from different parts of the world. This event will be an excellent platform for exhibitors to publicise and display their products, innovation and services, build brand image and develop leadership in market position in the global areas. It will be an ideal stage for those who are interested to explore and acknowledge the most recent technologies and trends of the relevant market as well as exhibit a vast range of products and services related to the RECYCLING INDUSTRY.